Distinct lifestyle in island paradise

Posted on Thursday, July 25th, 2019

It can easily be assumed that when one speaks of premium residential developments, these can mostly be found within the bustling districts in Metro Manila or, at the very least, in key urban cities in the provinces. Add to that the usual assumption that when you look out your window from these upscale high rises, you would only get to see similar structures gazing back.

But Aruga Resorts and Residences-Mactan gives you a unique and distinct take on what an unparalleled lifestyle on the lap of luxury is all about. This P6.2-billion property is tucked along a 200-meter-long white beachfront in the province of Cebu that would give its future residents and hotel guests priceless, breathtaking views of the beach, Magellan Bay or Hilutungan Channel. So instead of being surrounded by busy streets, guests and locals instantly get the much-needed vacation vibe without having to step outside their rooms.

While Rockwell developments in Metro Manila already exude a luxurious vibe that affords residents their own sanctuary within the city, Aruga Resorts and Residences-Mactan will be an absolute treat for vacationers and families looking for long pauses from work with nothing to think about but their next exciting activity for the week.

Whether you’re vacationing by yourself or with friends, live that unparalleled lifestyle on the lap of luxury at Aruga Resorts and Residences-Mactan.

Guests of all ages can find their inner peace in this residential development along Punta Engano, with its premium amenities. Parents, titos and titas can enjoy a relaxing day at the spa or sweat it out at the gym while not having to worry about their children who can spend their hours at the kids’ play area. Or you can simply laze around within your units, whose prices range anywhere from P15.9 million to P146.3 million, depending on the type of room sought.

Families who prefer to bond together, meanwhile, have the option to cool down at the pool, all while the adults sneak a few drinks at the bar. They can opt to have quick drinks at the executive lounge’s sky bar, too. Guests need not scout for restaurants as the Aruga Resorts and Residences-Mactan has all-day dining and a specialty restaurant.

Vacationing alone or as a couple won’t be a problem, as this upscale project offers cozy one-bedroom units complete with a master’s bedroom, dining room, kitchen and balcony. Big families on a summer break can enjoy the full Aruga experience through their 214-sqm to 292-sqm four-bedroom units with a terrace perfect for board games with the cousins or chill drinks with the barkada.

Aruga Resorts and Residences-Mactan will be an absolute treat for vacationers and families looking for long pauses from work with nothing to think about but their next exciting activity for the week.

First-time visitors to Cebu won’t have trouble finding Aruga Resorts and Residences-Mactan as it’s near the Mactan-Cebu International Airport for easy access.

While upscale and premium developments continue to rise in many major cities in the country, property developers have made it a point to consider the charm of provinces outside bustling areas. Investing in one of the high-end, quality units at Aruga Resorts and Residences-Mactan means giving in to the luxury of peace and quiet at one of Cebu’s illustrious islands.


Source: https://business.inquirer.net/275062/distinct-lifestyle-in-island-paradise

Rockwell Land makes Makati truly premium

Posted on Friday, May 24th, 2019

It could well be one of the main reasons why Makati continues to command a premium.

Just a few kilometers outside the Makati central business district is the 15.5-ha Rockwell Center, a highly exclusive, upscale community known for having created that distinct signature lifestyle and spaces that are now sought by many of the country’s most affluent.

What creates that distinction is the fact that its shopping mall, dining areas, and more importantly its residential towers have remained just as sophisticated and tasteful, relevant and highly attuned to the needs of its well-heeled market, as they were more than two decades ago. And this is aptly reflected on Rockwell Center’s current land values and leasing rates.

Data from Colliers International Philippines showed that Rockwell Center commands one of the highest average leasing rates for a three-bedroom luxury unit at P744 per sqm to P1,042 per sqm as of the fourth quarter of 2018. Capital values continue to increase as well with the average prices of prime three-bedroom units in the secondary market ranging from P222,000 per sqm to P267,000 per sqm.

And these values are poised to continue its bullish run with an estimated year-on-year increase of 4.6 percent for 2019, according to data from Colliers.

And this really comes as no surprise considering the impressive display of design and architectural prowess across all structures within the Rockwell Center. Case in point would be The Proscenium,  a 3.6-ha enclave that has started to deliver a new, refined standard of living for its residents since late last year.

Units at the 55-storey Kirov and the 50-storey Sakura—two of the five residential towers at The Proscenium—were turned over in October last year, giving residents a taste of Rockwell Land’s greatest creation yet.

Kirov evoked more of the traditional European vibe in the generous expanse of its lobby, while Japanese influences created a different ambience for the lobby of Sakura. And while each tower is unique in character, Kirov and Sakura are similar, as with the three other towers (Lorraine, Lincoln and The Proscenium Residences)  in terms of offering a new standard of living in an urban space.

The Proscenium, as a complex, exudes artistic sophistication while providing a hectare-expanse of topnotch amenities that include pools, a jogging path, outdoor courts and gyms; the Performing Arts Theater that will be the proud venue of musicals, plays, operas and orchestra performances; an expansive retail center featuring a well curated selection of shopping and dining options.

Residents will, no doubt, live in the vibrance offered by The Proscenium, giving Makati City another reason to remain the most enviable and most sought address in the country today.


LOOK: Exquisite Design Elements from Around the World Converge at Rockwell’s Most Luxurious Property Yet

Posted on Friday, May 24th, 2019

Piercing through the Makati skyline are stark white sails situated in the lofty neighborhood of Rockwell Center. Those architectural protrusions belong to Proscenium at Rockwell, a 3.6-hectare enclave identified as Rockwell’s most coveted and talked about address to date. The residential property consists of five towers, each telling a story of fine art and architecture, dedicated to the homeowner who appreciates art. As the Sakura and Kirov towers have already been turned over, we take you on a virtual tour around their dedicated spaces, as well as of the towers Lincoln, Lorraine, and The Proscenium Residences:

The Exteriors: Award-winning Canada-based architect Carlos Ott helmed the project driven by a vision to create an extraordinary community. He thought of incorporating Proscenium’s signature “sails” onto the residential towers. On the outside, the glossy structures may look identical, but inside, each tower transports its residents to a welcoming space. Based on Ott’s concept, the towers’ names are inspired by iconic theaters from around the world.

The Interiors: The timeless interiors boast of the signature touch of United States-based Filipino interior designer Butch Valdez. Fit for a well-traveled resident, the interiors are styled with a collection of fine art, precious antiques, and well-crafted furniture sourced both locally and internationally.


Recently turned over, the 50-story Sakura tower is marked by Japanese influence.

tc x proscenium

Japanese elements dot the common spaces. Bonsai trees housed in antique stone plant holders, the framed Japanese monk’s robes in the hallway, and the traditional Japanese artwork that hangs in the reception area all catch the eye.

tc x proscenium

The tasteful flooring features four kinds of marble, subdued by the muted blues and grays on the walls.

tc x proscenium

The function room, which can comfortably accommodate 65 guests, features wallpaper flown in from the U.S. and made from capiz shells.

tc x proscenium

The serene library is a space for leisurely reading and working. It’s characterized by a matching set of Chinese antique tables and traditional Japanese Noguchi lamps.

tc x proscenium


Next door, the Kirov tower takes its name from the world-famous Mariinsky Theatre—once known as the Kirov Theatre—in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where people from all over the world gather to watch operas and ballets.

tc x proscenium

That said, the interiors of the 55-story Kirov tower take cues from design elements associated with European culture.

The palette is decidedly warmer than Sakura’s, making use of brown marble from Italy for the flooring, sleek wooden panels on the walls, and a comfortable pair of lounge chairs clad in Hermès fabric.

tc x proscenium

Mexican antique plates from Guadalajara act as an accent in the reception area.

tc x proscenium

Despite the European theme, a few Asian details shine through, like the pattern on the drapes in the 20-seater private dining room.

tc x proscenium


The Lincoln tower is named after the historic Lincoln Center in New York, which is home to the prestigious company the American Ballet Theatre.

tc x proscenium

The tower takes a more contemporary approach, as it was inspired by a newer theater built in the 1950s. This is seen in the choice of art and artifacts displayed in the common spaces.

tc x proscenium

The white spaces and bright lighting add to the elegance of the lobby, which uses heavy gold accents on the pillars and the fixtures.

tc x proscenium

The function room is also well-lit and features a palette of neutrals and clean geometric lines.

tc x proscenium

Each function room comes with a dedicated pantry for event preparations.

The lounge is brought to life by carpets inspired by Native American art.

tc x proscenium

These, along with silky green and orange throws, instantly brighten up the space characterized by solid colors.


The Lorraine tower features a more whimsical vibe.

tc x proscenium

The design intent was to marry color with gold elements.

tc x proscenium

The tall sliding doors that lead to the lounge give an Old World air.

tc x proscenium

The cushioned bergère-style chairs and golden uplight chandeliers lend the library its needed European touch.

tc x proscenium

The Proscenium Residences: A 59-story, three-pronged structure set to tower over the rest, the Proscenium Residences will flaunt its stately sails, evidencing the community’s value for culture and dynamism.

The Amenities: Within walking distance from the residential community is Proscenium’s soon-to-rise performing arts theater. Meanwhile, guests may soon enjoy the Amenity Deck, which links each tower’s fifth-floor lobbies. Almost a hectare in size, the deck is equipped with three main pools, including a child-friendly one. Another exciting development is a multi-purpose indoor court, where residents can play tennis or basketball. Each tower is also equipped with its own fitness center, which offers guests ways to engage the body as the other spaces in the community stimulate the mind and soothe the spirit.

To know more about how Proscenium at Rockwell is redefining the Makati skyline, visit Prosceniumatrockwell.com or the Rockwell Land CorporationFacebook page.


When in Rockwell: Here’s What You Can Do to Celebrate the New Year

Posted on Friday, May 24th, 2019

We can all agree that the holiday season in the Philippines extends long after Christmas day itself, just as well as we know that it starts months prior. There is plenty to enjoy after all-including the relatively decongested city streets and the lively post-holiday glow that pervades our malls and parks.

One such place you can still feel the holiday spirit is the self-sustained community in Rockwell Center, which hosts a lot of activities and events that continue through the start of 2019. Here are a couple of reasons to spend time at Rockwell now:

The chance to win a Land Rover or a Jaguar.
Shopping at Power Plant Mall, Santolan Town Plaza, or The Grove until January 31, 2019 can get you into Rockwell’s Christmas Car Raffle, through which Rockwell Elite VIPs can win a Land Rover Discovery Sport S or a Jaguar F-PACE. And if the winner of this raffle happens to be present at the draw on February 1, they’ll also get a P50,000 shopping spree.

The incredible post-holiday spectacle.
Grand installations and decor are a Rockwell tradition that brings joy to the mall patrons, and this year’s no different. Power Plant Mall is the perfect place to unwind and still feel the holiday spirit. If it’s not enough to peep the multi-story Christmas tree, walk through the singing animals, beautiful garlands and poinsettias, and peppermint-scented walkways.


The Toy Factory, which is perfect for your godchildren.
Admit it: there’s that one godchild you missed last Christmas. But rather than letting the opportunity pass, you can take the little tyke to Santa’s Toy Factory at the R1 level of Power Plant instead, where loads of toys and activities can be found. Afterward, you can enjoy a family dinner at The Grid or Mary Grace Cafe.


Rockwell Center, which includes everything from Power Plant to 8 Rockwell and One Rockwell, has always been a great place to shop or de-stress while appreciating the sense of community and wonderful decorations, more so during the downtime season.


It’s part of why living in Rockwell Center is so great. Offering the most exclusive residence and poised to be the greatest Rockwell yet, Proscenium at Rockwell elevates the standard of living for its residents in its first two towers (Sakura and Kirov). With elegant finishes and a complete set of amenities per tower-including the expansive lobby, private dining area, tasteful meeting rooms, and a welcoming library-you can experience and enjoy the Rockwell lifestyle all year round.



For more information about the Rockwell life, visit The Rockwellist. To know more about the Proscenium, visit its official Facebook page and official website.

Beachside living beyond ordinary

Posted on Friday, May 24th, 2019


One of the reasons why people keep coming back to Cebu is because of its stunning natural wonders: the gorgeous landscapes, white sand beaches and expansive resorts.

Arriving on Mactan’s sunny shores is Rockwell Land’s second foray in the Queen City of the South, Aruga Resort and Residences-Mactan. Located along the famed Punta Engaño, this alluring 4.7-ha sanctuary will feature exquisite beachfront villas, residential spaces, and beautiful hotel rooms, all while bringing the signature Rockwell lifestyle to the quiet side of Cebu.

And since its launch last August, this prime residential-resort development has already sold nearly half of its residential units.

“With its unique property layout and design and an expansive 200-meter beachfront, the project is set to elevate the Mactan leisure and lifestyle experience,” said Christopher Gecha, Rockwell Land assistant vice president and Cebu project development head.


Rockwell is investing some P6.2 billion for its latest masterpiece, where future guests and residents will find the ultimate rest and relaxation while waking up to pristine ocean views and enjoying unparalleled exclusivity.

“Rockwell’s move to Mactan will undisputedly change the landscape of the shores for the better, bringing with it its expertise in comfort and leisure, with the luxurious lifestyle that Cebuano locals and guests will both experience. A mix of residential and hotel towers, Aruga, which is strategically facing Hilutungaan channel with its long beachfront, will be a pristine and undisputed star. Guests and locals will feel as if they have the beach all to themselves, and will have breathtaking, panoramic views of Cebu that no one has ever seen before,” Gecha claimed.

As a developer, Rockwell continuously pushes the envelope, further raising the bar with its bold expansion in Mactan, while offering unmatched innovation and unparalleled quality—something that the company has always been known for.

After launching its first low- to mid-rise exclusive community in Lahug, 32 Sanson by Rockwell, this is yet another milestone for Rockwell Land in the Queen City of the South.

Rockwell Lifestyle

Posted on Thursday, August 9th, 2018

Cebu is well-known and loved by Filipinos everywhere, and their relaxed and welcoming nature have made the city not just a popular tourist destination for Filipinos and foreigners alike, but a center of business with a fast-growing economy, and one that has created a bustling metropolis, making it the second largest city in the country.

Rockwell is more than delighted by the warm reception that Cebuanos have welcomed 32 Sanson into their community. Knowing fully well the distinct culture of the Cebuanos, Rockwell succeeded in creating the upscale lifestyle that they are known for, and yet with a Cebuano touch to the development.


Located in Lahug, Cebu, it is found right at the center of Cebu’s business centers, and yet, upon entering 32 Sanson by Rockwell, you are ushered into an oasis of calm and relaxation—encouraging you to lead a life of leisure.

The 3.2-hectare property contains a 70% landscape and 30% building ratio, truly making it a wonderful community. Spearheaded by homegrown talents, the Gallego Architects, 32 Sanson has four low to mid rise, elegantly built residential towers. Each building is conveniently serviced by elevators, and with roughly over 350 units within the community, homeowners are assured of privacy, exclusivity, and top-notch care and service. There are larger spaces to make your own, with each one having high ceilings over three meters tall. Raffia and Gmelina towers contain five residential floors and are currently already enjoyed by the community, while the Buri and Solihiya towers contain eight residential floors and will be ready by 2019. Each resident enjoys views of lush greenery and idyllic surroundings at every turn, and a safe haven to retreat to after each day.

The sprawling gardens of 32 Sanson are an integral part of the community, creating a beautiful and relaxing hideaway from the fast-paced city. The amenities serve as your own backyard,

Greenery, safe pathways, and a pool — just some of the beautiful features in 32 Sanson’s exclusive community redefining what it means to relax and live at your own pace, your own way. Two swimming pools are readily available whenever you feel like taking a dip, while a jogging path, a multi-purpose court, a yoga and dance studio, and a well-equipped gym overlooking the pool will give you that extra motivation to work out. For private occasions, two clubhouses and function rooms are within the community as well, making it easier to throw your fetes. Children of all ages will take delight in running about in the dedicated children’s play area, a safe and fun environment for them to be in. 32 Sanson is now called home by some of Cebu’s finest, giving them what the Rockwell lifestyle has to offer.


A big part of Cebu’s undying charm is its proximity to nature; particularly its luxurious beaches loved by the world. Cebu takes its leisure time seriously, and due to this, Filipinos and foreigners alike enjoy Cebu’s natural wonders and the hospitality that is distinctly Cebuano.

Soon to rise on the beaches of Mactan, Cebu is Rockwell’s Aruga Resort and Residences. After Aruga’s spectacular success in Makati, becoming a sought-after boutique hotel in the metro, much is expected of Aruga Resort and Residences in the Queen City of the South. And it is all but assured that Rockwell will meet such high aspirations and expectations.

32 Sanson’s outdoor play area allows your kids to enjoy a well-rounded environment.Enjoy 32 Sanson’s leisure pool where you can lie and tan, or where kids can swim all day!

Rockwell’s move to Mactan will undisputedly change the landscape of the shores for the better, bringing with it its expertise in comfort and leisure, with the luxurious lifestyle that Cebuano locals and guests will both experience. A mix of residential and hotel towers, Aruga which is strategically facing Hilutungaan channel with its long beachfront will be a pristine and undisputed star. Guests and locals will feel as if they have the beach all to themselves, and will have breathtaking, panoramic views of Cebu that no one has ever seen before.

To have panoramic, bird’s eye view of the beach, sky suites on the upper floors will be ready for patrons. Those who wish to feel the sand between their toes or go for swim at any time of their choosing may opt for private villas that will have direct access to the beach. The hotel will contain all the amenities one may hope for in a luxury resort—an all-day dining establishment, a multi-purpose pavilion, pool, and bar.

Around 20 minutes away from Mactan Cebu International Airport, it is poised to be the leisure residence and hotel of choice, bringing together Cebu’s rustic, relaxed charm with Rockwell’s penchant for luxury and comfort.

The success and overwhelming response over 32 Sanson and Rockwell in Mactan are due to both the clamor of the Cebuanos for the Rockwell lifestyle, and huge part because of the Cebuano’s culture—one that is relaxed, refined, and welcoming.

High tides and good vibes: Living the beachfront life

Posted on Thursday, August 9th, 2018

Cebu is revered globally for its history, rich culture, art, beautiful resorts and growing tourism, partially due to Mactan. The coral island is known for its beautiful white sand beaches and crystal-clear blue waters, providing the perfect backdrop for the best snorkeling spots, island hopping and cultural activities — definitely a prime tourist destination.

For many people, living near or on the beach is the ultimate dream and Mactan Island is one of those places, a perfect setting. There are so many hidden gems in the island in the form of beaches and marine sanctuaries conducive for water activities. The island is developed but still has the rustic elements that make you feel as if you’re in a world of your own.

Mactan is surrounded by white sand beaches and blue-green waters that are perfect for beach bumming, taking Instagram-worthy pictures or participating in water sports and activities.

A welcome addition to the island of Cebu is Rockwell’s resort development on the shores of Mactan.

Cebu has been an attractive location for foreign and local investors and tourists because of its booming economy, exciting infrastructure plans (like the newly built Terminal 2 of Mactan-Cebu International Airport), its rapidly developing cityscape, and its natural wonders.

In fact, Cebu received 10 million visitors last year and 51.2 percent of all foreign arrivals in the Philippines came via Cebu. At the end of this year, it is expected that Cebu will welcome 11.2 million visitors. Tourism in Cebu will also give birth to more investments across industries such as retail, BPO, real estate and the like, especially with the government’s Build Build Build program that fuels this promising outlook.

By expanding to Mactan, Rockwell solidified its brand of providing residential spaces that is unmatched in innovation, exclusivity and quality­—something that the company has always provided in its more than 20 years of existence, raising the standard of living by creating communities that oozes with sophistication and style.

Colliers International Philippines reported that the demand for residential developments in Cebu will continue to rise and will continue to be stronger for the next two to three years, improved by leisure-type developments.

Rest assured that Rockwell will continue to bring its signature lifestyle to Mactan with its spacious units, carefully curated amenities, and full services including safety and security. What makes Rockwell in Mactan unique from other properties developed by the company is that everything that makes Cebu and Mactan great will be incorporated into their design.

Rockwell in Mactan will definitely be a worthy investment — an upscale oasis in a lush, tropical island paradise.

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Rockwell building P4-B beach resort in Mactan

Posted on Thursday, August 9th, 2018

MANILA, Philippines – Rockwell Land Corp. is investing up to P4 billion in a beach resort in Mactan, Cebu to take advantage of the tourism boom in the country.

Nestor Padilla, president and CEO of Rockwell Land, said the 300-room resort in Cebu would feature sky suites on its upper floors with panoramic views of the 25- meter beachfront.

The resort, which will be under the Aruga brand, will have private villas that will give guests direct access to the beach.

“We are excited about our first resort development, Punta Engano in Mactan, Cebu and looking at Iloilo for expansion,” Padilla said.

Construction of the Mactan resort is targeted to start in the third quarter of 2017 and slated for completion in 2021.

The project is expected to generate some P300 to P400 million in revenues annually upon the completion of the project.

“The strong interest from our roster of investors and partners to roll out new ventures outside Metro Manila is evidence of not only the strength of Rockwell’s hotel and leisure business but also reflects our collective vision to develop prime tourist locations like Mactan Island as the country experiences a tourism renaissance,” Padilla said.

Rockwell Land is also building a 280-room Aruga Hotel in Makati, its first urban resort themed hotel in the city. It will feature a 1,400-seater ballroom, specialty restaurants, a fitness gym, meeting rooms and an executive lounge.

In the first quarter, Rockwell Land reported a P342 million net income with its hotel operations generating P90 million in revenues.

Last year, the Lopez-owned property company earned P1.6 billion or five percent higher than the yar earlier.

Revenues from condominium sales reached P6.2 billion while revenues from commercial development business jumped 59 percent to P2.1 billion.

Hotel operations under the Aruga brand generated P260 million in revenues, up 189 percent from P90 million.

Rockwell is targeting a double digit growth in net income this year.

“We are still aiming for a double digit growth,” said Ellen Almodiel, chief finance officer.

Iris Gonzales (The Philippine Star) – June 3, 2016 – 12:00am
Read more at https://www.philstar.com/business/2016/06/03/1589436/rockwell-building-p4-b-beach-resort-mactan#jrjbcRdvgiA7Ey1B.99

Rockwell expanding leisure estate business

Posted on Thursday, August 9th, 2018

Lopez-led property developer Rockwell Land Corp. is betting big on tourism and leisure estate with the development of a chain of luxury resorts under the “Aruga Hotels” brand, adding to its portfolio of recurring earnings.

The developer is investing P6 billion to P7 billion in two new Aruga Hotels—one in Rockwell Center in Makati (a 280-room boutique hotel) and another in Mactan, Cebu (a 300-room beachfront resort).

Rockwell Land president Nestor Padilla said during the company’s annual stockholders meeting Thursday that Aruga Hotel in Makati – pitched as its first urban resort-themed development in the city – would open in the first half of 2019.

The Makati hotel will have a 1,400-seater ballroom, specialty restaurants, a fitness gym, an executive lounge and meeting rooms.  It will be smaller than the serviced apartments currently offered by the group under the same “Aruga” brand. Construction of the new hotel in Makati is estimated to cost P3 billion.

For the Mactan development, which is estimated to cost between P3 billion and P4 billion, there will be sky suites on the upper floors with panoramic views of the 250-meter beachfront.  It will also have private villas with direct access to the beach.

Set on 11 acres of property facing the Hilutungaan channel next to the Shangri-la resort in Mactan, the hotel is set to start construction in the third quarter of 2017.  It is expected to generate P300 million to P400 million yearly upon completion by 2021.

“The strong interest from our roster of investors and partners to roll out new ventures outside Metro Manila is evidence of not only the strength of Rockwell’s hotel and leisure business but also reflects our collective vision to develop prime tourist locations like Mactan Island as the country experiences a tourism renaissance,” Padilla said.

“Tourism is one of the thrusts of government and if we believe that infrastructure will follow in the area—the Philippines is a nice country—it’s a natural extension of us being in the lifestyle area,” said Rockwell senior vice president and chief finance officer Ellen Almodiel in a briefing after the stockholders’ meeting.

Angela Marie Pagulayan, assistant vice president for Rockwell hotel and leisure development, added that the group was likewise encouraged by the 82 percent occupancy rate of Aruga serviced apartments at present.

By: Doris Dumlao-Abadilla – Reporter / @philbizwatcher
Read more: http://business.inquirer.net/210793/rockwell-expanding-leisure-estate-business#ixzz5NezALq8f

‘Masters’ on the move

Posted on Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

Over the years, Rockwell Land has gained experience and established its brand, both in and beyond residential condominiums and is now primed to further expand its reach outside the metro.

It’s an understatement to say that upscale developer Rockwell Land is primed and well poised to expand its reach.

For over two decades, it has proven to be well-versed in the art of building self-sufficient communities with well-curated offerings, all designed to create that distinct modern lifestyle. It has mastered the creation of communities that are now landmarks and masterpieces that redefined the city landscape.

In short, Rockwell got the perfect blueprint down pat.

And it’s the same blueprint that the company intends to bring to new areas outside Metro Manila, as it seeks to further expand its portfolio and reach. Rockwell Land, today, is definitely on the move to achieve beyond ordinary feats.

Rockwell’s expansion actually began in 2008, after surviving its bleakest moments in the late ’90s and following the success of its first project, the Rockwell Center in Makati City. However, it is only over the last several years that Rockwell Land seemed to have gotten more aggressive as it seeks to tap the growing opportunities outside Makati and the metro.

“We started our expansion in 2008, and have been actively looking into expanding in various areas. Over the years, Rockwell has gained experience and established its brand, both in and beyond residential condominiums,” said Rockwell Land senior vice president for business development Davy Tan.

“It is with this experience in these different formats that we’ve felt ready to duplicate these types of products, and take them to other areas. Also because of the current market. The per capita is above $3,000 and the purchasing power or consumption power of Filipinos has increased. We know that a third of the budget of an average Filipino household is dedicated to real estate,” he said.

Late last month, Rockwell Land disclosed that it plans to ramp up landbanking activities, which will require about P5 billion worth of land acquisitions for this year alone.

Tan declined to cite specific areas but disclosed that, based on certain factors, they are looking at some provinces in the north and south of Metro Manila. The metro, he added, remains a good location for their growth, too.

“We look into wealth creation, consumer consumption and infrastructure in the different areas. We will always keep key metro areas and highly urbanized cities in mind, but we are also looking into provinces and areas in the north and south of the Metro,” Tan explained, adding that they also consider the economic activities and growing industries in the area.

The target is to “duplicate the Rockwell Center community outside Metro Manila.”

“The types of products are still going to be residential, office, retail and resort. We will explore both mixed use communities and stand alone communities, depending on what the areas call for,” Tan added.

Rockwell earlier announced that it would be launching by the third quarter this year a P6.2 billion project in Mactan, Cebu. Located in Punta Engaño, the 5.3-ha property by Rockwell will have over 200 residential units and a hotel that will serve the growing tourism industry.

The upscale developer likewise announced the launch of the second tower of The Arton. This P15.6-billion three-tower project, being developed jointly by Rockwell and Japan’s Mitsui Fudosan Inc., is a high rise development in Quezon City that is targeted for completion by 2023.

By: Amy R. Remo – Reporter / @amyremoINQ
Read more: http://business.inquirer.net/252550/masters-on-the-move#ixzz5N0MYrx7l